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Your organization is a great place to introduce IIBDSA standards. We provide training in topics related to data science and analytics that are relevant to your business. The training can be delivered both virtual and in-person. Our trainers can also provide one-on-one mentoring. You can also check offerings provided by our partners to find a tailored solution for your company. 

Training Topics

We offer a wide range of topics. Below are examples of the topics you might find useful for your organization.

  • Improving processes with data analytics tools
  • Becoming data-driven organization
  • Driving analytics in your organization
  • Leading with data insights
  • Data use cases
Reach out to further discuss your specific situation.

Tailored Training

IIBDSA trainers tailor training specific to your needs. Please use the form below to request courses and will create the content that is designed for your organization .  

Group Offers

We offer discounts to groups and academic institutions. 


Participants that successfully complete training will receive a certificate of completion


Let others showcase their knowledge on your website and social media


Our staff provides learners ongoing support during and after the training


By joining the IIBDSA community, employees can connect with more professionals from the field

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