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Become Data Mentor or Grow as Data Mentee

Become Data Mentor or Grow as Data Mentee

Are you ready to get a business data science mentor, or maybe you have thought of becoming a data analytics mentor to others? Wherever you are in your career, there is always someone who is looking for help with what you already can and know. If you want to help others, or if you think you might benefit from learning, or if you simply prefer to grow together with your peers, we can help you unite and grow. In any case, your experience matters.

Getting a Mentor

Do you want to grow and feel you need help? A mentor is a valuable tool on your journey to desired career. Not sure what your goals are yet? Great news for you – It is OK to be unsure. Everyone is. We can help and guide you through the process.

Becoming a Mentor

Do you want to grow and feel you can help? Wherever you are in your career, there is always someone you can help with your skills and knowledge. Your skills and experience are valuable. Send us an email with your CV and a brief description of why you want to be a mentor.

Fill out the Form

After you’ve sent the form, we will review it and start searching for a mentor or a mentee that would be a perfect fit for you. You should hear back from us soon. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Although it may sound easy, finding the right mentor is a true gift. For those who only start working, having a mentor can mean access to valuable knowledge that they yet are to earn. You may not yet have finished your education, you may want to learn a few things, gain skills or you might feel lost in the fast growing field of analytics. A mentor can help you adjust your goals and give advice when you need it. Since chances are, they’ve already been through your experience, you can benefit from avoiding common mistakes. Their experience and expertise can help you become more successful and learn from difficult situations.

On the other hand, if you’ve already started working, being a mentor can mean further development of their expertise and skills. A mentee can help you become a better team player and leader. You might not have a team, yet you’d like to share and learn from your peers. Having to mentor someone can help you grow your soft skills and practice leadership. Moreover, mentoring means you stay abreast of the trends in your professional area without much effort.

Whatever your motivation is, we guide you through the process. Do you want to start? Fill in the form or send us an email with your CV directly. We will review it and reach out to you as soon as we’ve found the perfect fit for you. To increase your chances for success, you can also send us a brief description of your short- and long-term goals, as well as the areas you are most interested in.

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